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Taxation & Funding of Public Education

The SJASD has often trumpeted its low taxation. I would like the Board to trumpet its academic success and how it has improved the lives of its students, families and communities.

While SJASD has historically had one of the lowest school property taxes in Winnipeg, it isn't the result of exceptional fiscal management. It's the luck of being geographically situated in an area where commercial assessments aren't shared with other school divisions. SJASD commercial tax base is 4X larger than Seven Oaks. This means SJASD can spend more per student while keeping the mill rate lower than Seven Oaks.

Provincial support as a percentage of Total Operating Revenue has decreased from 72.95% in 1985 to 49.5% in 2022. With the removal of education property taxes and the move towards more equitable education funding for the province, SJASD is going to be hit hard.

Financial Reporting and Accounting in Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning (FRAME) Reports is the standard accounting and financial reporting for school divisions in Manitoba.

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