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What is it with politicians and their promises?

In my role as a guidance counsellor, I often tell students I won't promise them anything I can't personally guarantee to make happen. I don't like giving people false hope and I value honest conversations.

I think politics should be the same. Since I'm running for school board trustee, I can't make any promises. If the voters decide they want me on the SJASD Board, I would be one of 9 trustees. I do think all trustees should be transparent about who they are, what their values are and what their intentions are. So please read and discuss amongst your friends, family and neighbours. If you agree with me and live in SJASD's Ward 3, I would appreciate it if you voted for me. If you live in a different ward or even a different school division, ask your candidates where they stand and what they represent. Pay attention to what they're saying and what they are not saying.

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