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Peter Bjornson

Minister (2003-2009)

I admire Gus’s attention to detail while simultaneously being able to see the bigger picture. His commitment to transparency, accountability and building trust in democratic institutions is very apparent. He’s an actively engaged citizen who saw the danger to democracy Bill 64 represented.
He’s a reliable and impassioned supporter of public education. His decades of experience in education, both within Manitoba and Ontario as well as in Japan, would serve any school board well. 
Dr. Jerome Cranston
Dean, Faculty of Education
 University of Regina
Since first meeting Gus Watanabe and learning with him in a graduate level finance course, his commitment to education as a public good funded by the stewardship of public means has been clear to me.

He understands the importance of public education and is committed to it. I have no doubt Gus will make an exceptional trustee.

Dr. Doug Eyolfson

Member of Parliament


I've known Gus for a while and he always packs his passion with his work ethic.
He's not merely sincere about his values. He's willing to put in long hours of work no one sees.
He's going to be able to ask questions other trustees can't, just based on his decades of experience in the education profession across multiple jurisdictions. He'll make a great trustee.

Drew Caldwell

Minister (1999-2002)

Gus Watanabe is an educator and a thoughtful, principled, active citizen.

His commitment to accountability and transparency is increasingly important to our community.


He would make an outstanding school trustee who would act with the courage of his convictions while engaging in open dialogue with constituents.


I am pleased to endorse Gus Watanabe as a school trustee in SJASD’s West Ward.

Brent Corrigan

Retired Principal

Sturgeon Heights Collegiate

I first got to know Gus in a graduate education law class at U of M. He's an authentic guy.

He believes what he says and isn't afraid to challenge accepted conventional wisdom.

I thought it was a loss for SJASD when he left for work elsewhere. I'm glad he's coming back.

He really put his money where his mouth is when he bought billboards to fight Bill #64.

Lise Legal
Pembina Trails Teachers Association President

Gus has been a steadfast advocate of public education for his entire teaching career.
I have personally witnessed Gus sharing his profound insight on matters involving children, families, educators and public education.
Gus is tremendously professional and would serve public education well as a school division trustee.

Jen Hanson-Christophersen

SJASD Parent

My son went to John Taylor Collegiate. He loved it.

I didn't know Gus Watanabe at all until I started to notice what he was posting on Twitter. 

He's smart, compassionate and has great ideas. I'm voting for him!

Lorne Kearns
Chair of the Board


Nostalgia Broadcasting Inc.

In 1976 I was elected as a trustee to what was then one of only two bilingual school boards on The Island of Montréal. I was elected to the Baldwin-Cartier Board during a very tumultuous time as the separatist government of René Lévesque was elected shortly after I was. Stringent language requirements were very quickly introduced. I ended my days on the Board as vice-chair.

Working with Gus in my current capacity as Chair of the Board at CJNU Nostalgia Radio Inc., I can say he has shown me he has the goods to be a valuable trustee. He is an outside the box thinker. He brings equal amounts compassion, passion and work ethic to whatever issue he sets his mind to tackle. He is articulate with an innate ability to think on his feet and brings his own perspective to the issues of the day.

If I were a resident of the SJASD West Ward I would certainly vote for him.

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